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Student Devices, Google Accounts and E-mail

Student Devices

Student Google and Email Accounts

Student Google accounts which include email accounts are created for all Redwater ISD students in grades 2-12 to provide them with a safe and monitored environment to master the state required digital communication standards that are part of their TEKS in multiple content areas.

How do students sign in to their email accounts? They will sign in to their Google accounts to access their email using the following steps.

  1. If you are using a school Chromebook, you will automatically be signed into Google when you sign in to the Chromebook. If you are not using a school Chromebook, visit Students>Google Apps/Email Login on our website or go to
  2. Enter your school email address ([email protected]) and the password which is the same as your computer login password. If the password does not work, you will need to change your Redwater ISD computer login password on a school computer. Click here for instructions to change your school computer login password.

Digital safety is important to Redwater ISD. While security is not guaranteed, RISD has taken steps to establish safety guidelines. The email system is set up so that students in grades 2-8 will be able to send and receive messages only to RISD staff and students, and not from external email systems. All student Google Drives and email are monitored and recorded. If an email is inappropriate, it is blocked. Student Google Drives and email are filtered by a Human Monitoring Service (HMS). With HMS, there are three levels of email violations.

  • Level one (User Violation: A situation where a student uses minor profanity or insulting language within the system or attempts to send images that are provocative, but not pornographic.)-the student is warned with an email and the student's assigned administrator is copied on the email warning.
  • Level two (Questionable Content: Not an immediate threat to a student but something that is cause for concern and should be brought to an administrator's attention. This includes but is not limited to a cyberbullying event, pornographic images, graphic, violent or sexually related stories or files not associated with an assignment.)-An email is sent to three emergency contacts on file.
  • Level three (Possible Student Situations: An immediate threat to the student, including but not limited to violence, suicide, rape or harmful family situations.)-emergency contacts are called, but if not reached local law enforcement is called.​

The following message is added to the bottom of each student email: This message is recorded by Redwater ISD and may be retrieved by faculty and administration.

The student Google accounts and email are to be used primarily for learning purposes consistent with the district's mission and goals, but some limited personal use is permitted if allowed by the teacher. RISD looks forward to continuing to partner with parents and community in educating our students about the importance of digital safety and citizenship. Students are expected to adhere to the RISD Responsible Use of Technology Agreement.