NEW Visitor Management Procedures for Redwater ISD

RISD Parents/Guardians,
Redwater ISD has recently purchased Raptor Technologies fully integrated school safety software which provides our school district with an extra level of school and student safety. 

The Emergency Management System allows us to prepare for, respond to any situation, track all drills and eliminate compliance risks. 
The StudentSafe Early Intervention Software brings together the systems that help schools recognize, document, support and manage the wellbeing of individual students. It also includes safeguarding and behavioral threat assessment methodologies which have been proven to help schools recognize a student in need of early intervention and support for their wellbeing.
The Volunteer Management System helps reduce the effort, simplify the process and scale the impact of our volunteer programs with online application,time tracking and event management reporting.
And, the Visitor Management System which confirms each visitor is safe and that we know precisely who is in our schools.  Additionally, this system accurately tracks tardiness, early dismissals and staff activity.
Each and every time you visit any RISD campus you will go to our All-In-One Raptor Kiosk located in the campus Administrative Office.  At the kiosk, you will drop your Driver's License into the Card Reader and wait for approval to be given.  Once approval is given, the campus secretary will provide you with a name tag that is time-stamped and details your destination within the campus.
When you are ready to leave, you will go back to the campus Administrative Office to check out.
The process for visitor management is different from what we have been doing, but only takes just a few minutes in allowing Redwater ISD to keep our students and staff safe.
Thank you for working with us as we implement our new procedures.