Nineteen First Division Gold Rating Medals Earned by RHS Band Students during UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest

Redwater, TX – Nineteen First Division Gold rating medals were collected by Redwater High School band students during the Region IV UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest held in New Boston, TX.  Six medals were for Solo performances and 13 were earned for ensemble performances.  Fifteen of these students will now advance to the Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest which will be held in Austin, TX in May.


Selected medalists were: Aubry Andersson, Brayden Estrada, Abby Harmon, Nancy Hussein, Rhyan Latham, Taylor Lybyer, Caden McClain, Riley Payne, Eyan Robinson, Trinity Thacker, Leila Tilbury, Abigail Waldrop, Max Walker, Peyton Ward, Noah Whitman and Mason Windham.



Front Row (left to right): Rhyan Latham, Trinity Thacker, Riley Payne, Abigail Waldrop

Center Row (left to right): Max Walker, Abby Harmon, Mason Windham, Aubry Andersson, Nancy Hussein  

Back Row (left to right): Peyton Ward, Noah Whitman, Eyan Robinson, Brayden Estrada, Caden McClain, Leila Tilbury, Taylor Lybyer