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Technology Committee

2017-2018 RISD Technology Committee

Committee Chairman
Karen Zink, Technology Director

Campus-Based Professional Staff

Kasey Coggin, Elementary School Principal
Audrey Shumate, Middle School Principal
Kim Cody, Junior High School Principal
Rhonda Roberts, High School Principal
Angie Snider, Elementary Lab Manager
Stephanie Windham, Junior High School Teacher
Stephanie Riddle, High School Teacher
District-Level Professional Staff

Kelly Burns, Superintendent
Tess Baker, Business Manager
Lee Ann Corbin, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Laurie Daffern, Instructional Technologist
Kody Wilson, Network Administrator

Parent/Community Members
Carolyn deBie
Sher Jackson

The Redwater ISD Technology Committee meets throughout the year as needed to discuss matters that concern our district's technology. Input is welcome from all stakeholders and can come through any member of the committee. To place an item on the agenda for the next meeting, please call the technology director's office at 671-3421 ext 234 or email

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Contact Information

Redwater ISD
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Redwater , Texas 75573
Phone: 903-671-3481
Fax: 903-671-2019

Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Redwater ISD’s designated agent for purposes of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is as follows:
Karen Zink, Technology Director
Redwater ISD Technology Department
P.O. Box 347
Redwater, Texas 75573
Contact Karen Zink  here.
If you would like to provide notice of alleged copyright infringement, please notify Karen Zink at the address/email specified above. Please know that the District also has policies and procedures related to copyright laws. The District’s Board Policies regarding copyrights are available here: .