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Clay McCarter


Welcome to IPC and Forensic Science

Clay McCarter

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Daily Schedule




1st 8:00-8:45 IPC
2nd 8:50-9:35 IPC
3rd 9:40-10:25 Forensic Science
4th 10:30-11:15 Conference
Lunch 11:15:11:45 Lunch
5th 1 1:50-12:35


Dragon Time 12:40-1:15 Tutorials
6th 1:20-2:05 Forensic Scince
7th 2:10-2:55 Planning
8th 3:00-3:45 Forensic SCience




Lesson Plans

Lesson plans will be posted daily through Google Classroom. If you are a 

parent and would like access to their Google Classroom, please let me know

Supply List

  • Composition Notebook
  • pen or pencil
  • Your CHARGED Chromebook
  • Headphones for Chromebook (can be cheap as possible)


Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC)

The scientific processes are very similar throughout every science course, beginning in Kindergarten. Students may need some direct instruction on the purpose and properties of scientific processes; however, it is intended for students to develop a deep understanding of the scientific processes by using them in the context of the content of this course throughout every unit of this course.

Forensic Science

Forensic Science. Forensic Science is a course that uses a structured and scientific approach to the investigation of crimes of assault, abuse and neglect, domestic violence, accidental death, homicide, and the psychology of criminal behavior. Students will learn terminology and investigative procedures related to crime scene, questioning, interviewing, criminal behavior characteristics, truth detection, and scientific procedures used to solve crimes. Using scientific methods, students will collect and analyze evidence through case studies and simulated crime scenes such as fingerprint analysis, ballistics, and blood spatter analysis. Students will learn the history, legal aspects, and career options for forensic science.



Clay McCarter

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