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Leah Pickering


Welcome to English I

Leah Pickering

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Daily Schedule




1st 8:00-8:45  
2nd 8:50-9:35 Conference
3rd 9:40-10:25  
4th 10:30-11:15  
5th (1st lunch) 11:15-11:45  
5th (class) 11:50-12:35  
6th 1:20-2:05  
7th 2:10-2:55  
8th 3:00-3:45 Conference
  • Tutoring is held Monday-Friday 7:30-7:50 AM or 3:45-4:00 PM 

Supply List

Composition book

Spiral notebook

Blue pens





Course Description:

English 1                            Grade:  9            Credit:  1

Students practice all forms of writing in this course.  An emphasis is placed on organizing logical arguments with clearly expressed related definitions, thesis, and evidence.  Students write to persuade, report, and describe.  English 1 students read extensively in multiple genres from world literature such as reading selected stories, dramas, novels, and poetry originally written in English or translated to English from oriental, classical Greek, European, African, South American, and North American cultures.  Students interpret the possible influences of the historical context on a literary work.  

Course weight:    1.0                    Prerequisite:  none


English 1 – Honors                    Grade: 9                Credit:   1

Students will use critical thinking to analyze technique and style in a broad variety of genres. They will evaluate specific themes, such as the search for identity, that run throughout the course. Students will also create a series of analytical essays in which they will explore their interpretations of literature. Outside reading and projects will be required.

Course weight:    1.2                    Prerequisite:  none


Leah Pickering

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