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Will Humber



Welcome to Redwater Ag Department & FFA Chapter

Will A. Humber

Agriculture Science Instructor

Room:  VB1

(903) 671-3421 ext. 244 

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Daily Schedule




1st  08:00-08:45 Ag Structures/Equip
2nd  08:50-09:35 Principles of Ag
3rd  09:40-10:25 Adv Animal Science
4th  10:30-11:15 Planning
  11:15-11:45 Lunch




Ag Structures/Equip 

Dragon Time

6th  1:20-2:05 Conference
7th  2:10-2:55 Ag Structures/Equip
8th  3:00-3:45 Principles of Ag


  • Tutoring is scheduled by email, w / Mr Humber 


Supply List

  • Paper, writing utensil 

Course Descriptions

Agricultural Structures Design & Fabrication, 1st, 5th & 7th   Period

In Agricultural Structures Design and Fabrication, students will explore career opportunities, entry requirements, and industry expectations. To prepare for careers in mechanized agriculture and technical systems, students must attain knowledge and skills related to agricultural structures design and fabrication.

Principles of Agriculture, 2nd & 8th  Period

Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources will allow students to develop knowledge and skills regarding career and educational opportunities, personal development, globalization, industry standards, details, practices, and expectations.

Advanced Animal Science, 3rd Period

Advanced Animal Science examines the interrelatedness of human, scientific, and technological dimensions of livestock production. Instruction is designed to allow for the application of scientific and technological aspects of animal science through field and laboratory experiences.





Will Humber

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