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Taylor Windham


Welcome to 8th Grade Science

Mr. Windham


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Daily Schedule 


1st Period


8th Gr Sci

2nd Period 8:53 - 9:42 8th Gr Sci
3rd Period  9:46 - 10:35 Teams
4th Period 10:39 - 11:28 8th Gr Sci
5th Period


Lunch 12:25-12:51

8th Gr Sci
6th Period 12:55 - 1:44 8th Gr Sci
7th Period 1:48 - 2:37 Conference
8th Period 2:41-3:30 Advisory
  • Tutoring Tue/Thurs 7:30 – 7:55 



Student Assignments


Supply List-Personal Use

  • ½ inch Binder 

  • Lined paper (May be colored)

  • Mechanical or Reg pencils & sharpener; highligters; pens

Supply List Classroom/Lab Use:

  • 1 pkg small fine-tip washable markers

  • 2 rolls Paper Towels-Boys

  • 2-boxes Tissues-Girls

  • 2-3 rolls Scotch tape OR 1 tape dispenser refill-Boys

  • 1 Pkg Glue sticks-Girls

8th Grade Science Course Description

             This course is to allow students to expand their knowledge over earth and space science, force and motion, matter and energy, organisms and environments. Throughout the school year, students will create, journal, experiment TEKS concepts in a variety of methods. They will participate in engaging activities designed to capture student attention visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically. Students will be responsible for keeping up with assignments in Google Classroom, Study Island, Vocab Homework, Binder Organization, Bell Questions, online Textbook (access via Google Classroom), projects, or other assignments  to ensure good standing within the course. Access to technology will be provided almost every day to extend time for assignments.  Each assignment is designed with a learning purpose to support student success in reaching high standards of science literacy and education.

             The study of 8th Grade science includes laboratory investigations using the scientific method using various lab equipment to collect and analyze data.  Computers and technology will aid in scientific investigations.  Students will examine the periodic table, perform experiments testing for chemical or physical changes/reactions, explore Space and Universe, analyze Earth’s processes including weather patterns, tides, plate tectonics, and seasons in guidance by the State of Texas, Dept. of Education.





Taylor Windham

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