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Aaron Clevenger


Welcome to Coach Clevenger’s Class

Aaron Clevenger


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Daily Schedule

1st Period


Jr. High Athletics

2nd Period 8:53-9:42 TX History
3rd Period 9:46-10:35 TX History
4th Period 10:39-11:28 TX History
5th Period 11:32-12:21 TX History
6th Period 12:55-1:44 TX History
7th Period 1:48-2:37 TX History
8th Period 2:41-3:30 Conf.


  • 7th Grade TX History


Student Assignments

  • 7th Grade TX History


Supply List

  • 2 inch binder

  • Dividers, Set of 5

  • One-subject spiral notebook, wide rule

  • Ruler

  • Colored Pencils

Texas History Course Description

Students explore Texas from prehistory to the present.  Students examine the full scope of Texas history, including geography, important events, and the rich social and cultural history of the state.  The main focus is the impact that specific cultures and individuals have had on Texas.  Emphasis is also given to population distribution in Texas and the geographic, economic, and political factors that led and continue to lead to urbanization.  Students also describe the structure and functions of municipal, county, and state governments in Texas, while identifying the vast influence of the United States on those bodies and the writing of the Texas Constitution.  Students will examine the rights and responsibilities of Texas citizens and learn the importance of civic participation in local, state, and national politics.  



Aaron Clevenger

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