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Lori Roberts

Welcome to Mrs. Roberts’ Class

Lori Roberts


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Daily Schedule

1st Period


Basic English II

2nd Period 8:50-9:35 Conference
3rd Period 9:40-10:25 Inclusion
4th Period 10:30-11:15 Basic English I
Lunch 11:15-11:45  
5th Period 11:50-12:35 Basic Math Models
Dragon Time 12:40-1:15  
6th Period 1:20-2:05 Basic Algebra I
7th Period 2:10-2:55 Basic Algebra II
8th Period 3:00-3:45 Conference


  Supply List: Please see syllabus. 

Course Descriptions:

Basic English I: Students will work on english and reading skills needed to be successful in life. Areas covered will include vocabulary, phonics, reading fluency, reading comprehension, grammar and writing skills.

Basic English II:   Students will improve reading and  language skills through the continued study of vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, usage,  and mechanics.

Basic Algebra I: Algebra I provides the foundational concepts for high school mathematics.  Students will be introduced to algebraic thinking and will use symbols to study relationships among quantities.

Basic Angebra II: Basic Algebra II is an extension of Algebra I and is designed to prepare students for college level mathematics.

Basic Math Models: Students will be learning to apply problem solving skills through experiences in personal finance.



Lori Roberts

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