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Melinda Faires

                Ms. Faires – 5th Grade Science

Background Information:  This is my 25th year to teach.  I have been teaching Science for 17 years.  I have two children.  They both live in the Dallas area.  I love to travel and visit with family!!

Conference Period: 11:45-12:30


Ms. Faires – Schedule

1st Period Science 8:00-9:00
2nd Period Science 9:00-10:00
3rd Period Science 10:00-11:00
Recess 11:00-11:15
Lunch 11:15-11:45
4th Period – Conference 11:45-12:30
5th Period Science 12:30-1:30
6th Period Science 1:30-2:30
ACE 2:30-2:50
WIN Time 2:55-3:35


Melinda Faires

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