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Jill Bradley

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Daily Schedule




1st 08:00-08:49 Theatre 1-4
2nd 08:53-09:42 Tech Theatre
3rd 09:46-10:35 Theatre 1-4
4th 10:39-11:28 JH Theatre
  11:28-11:58 Conf
5th 12:02-12:51 Lunch
6th 12:55-1:44 Production
7th 1:48-2:37 Conf
8th 2:41-3:30 Advisory


       Theatre 1 Syllabus

      Adv Theatre - Period 2 Syllabus

      Adv Theatre - Period 6 Syllabus

      7/8 Syllabus

      Technical Theatre Syllabus

Student Assignments

Supply List

  • Pencil with an eraser

Classroom Donations (Optional)

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Make-up wipes
  • Colored Pencils

Theatre 1 Course Description

This year-long, foundational class, designed for students with little or no theatre experience, promotes enjoyment and appreciation for all aspects of theatre. Classwork focuses on the exploration of theatre literature, performance, historical and cultural connections, and technical requirements. Of importance in Theatre I is students’ opportunity to develop fundamental group- and self- assessment skills, problem-solving skills; the ability to connect the literature being studied to a variety of cultures, history, and other content areas; and development of 21st-century skills that will help students be successful after high school graduation


Theatre 2-4 Course Description

 Students will increase their knowledge of Play Production and film by exploring the following areas both individually and as a class: Acting, Directing, Technical Theatre Aspects, Technical Theatre Design, Playwriting, Play Analysis and Film. During this course students will investigate stagecraft, voice, movement, text, and performance within focused units of study. Students will be assessed and evaluated through rubrics, portfolios, self-reflection, group-reflection, and quizzes.


Theatre Production (Period 6) Course Description

Theatre Production provides practical hands-on experiences in acting and stagecraft through the preparation and public performances of plays. This curricular laboratory for the exploration, development, and synthesis of all elements of theater supplements the other theater courses that concentrate on theories, information, and techniques by providing for the integration and implementation of these ideas and skills. Production work required. Participation in OAP is expected. Enrollment in the course constitutes agreement to fulfill all curricular and extracurricular requirements.

7/8 Theatre Course Description

This class is designed to give a brief introduction and overview of all the aspects of the theatre world, including theatre history, playwriting, improvisation, and acting. The craft of acting incorporates techniques of movement and vocal variety.


Tech Theatre Course Description

Students will learn theatre safety.  Students will learn the aspects of design and implementation of design in scenery, props, costumes, lighting, and sound.  Students will also study makeup design and application.  Students will recognize the interdependence of all theatrical elements, and the role of a technical director and a technician in the rehearsal and performance process of a show.  Students will recognize the importance of and be able to effectively create publicity for a show.  Students will work in a variety of colors, textures, and mediums.



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