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LeAnn Allison


Welcome to Mrs. Allison’s Algebra I

LeAnn Allison

(903) 671-3421

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Daily Schedule




1st 08:00-08:49 Algebra I Enrichment
2nd 08:53-09:42 GTHRNS Geometry
3rd 09:46-10:35 Algebra I
4th 10:39-11:28 Algebra I
5th 11:32-12:21 Algebra I
  12:21-12:51 LUNCH
6th 12:55-1:44 Planning Period
7th 1:48-2:37 Algebra I
8th 2:41-3:30 Conference
Tutorials 3:30-4:20

Monday – M102

Tuesday – M104

Wednesday – M101

Thursday – M103




Student Assignments


Supply List

  • Notebook paper
  • Pencils
  • 2 Red pens
  • 100 Page composition book
  • Pocket folder
  • Tissues
  • Calculator (TI-84 CE  will be used in class)
  • Pencil pouch (optional)

Algebra I Course Description

Algebra I provides the foundation concepts for high school mathematics. Students will be introduced to algebraic thinking and will use symbols to study relationships among quantities. They will be introduced to the relationship between equations and functions and will receive the tools for algebraic thinking as well as the training to use technology to model mathematical situations to solve meaningful problems. Foundations will be laid for all functions, with emphasis on linear and quadratic.

GT Honors Geometry Course Description

This is a one year course to develop and practice problem-solving skills using inductive and deductive reasoning.  Students are guided through all the conceptual and working levels of the process using geometry.   It uses two and three-dimensional geometric shapes (Points, lines, planes, triangles, polygons, circles, and solids) and examines their properties, measurements, and mutual relations in space. Geometric proofs are used as a vehicle to systematically develop these problem solving skills by relating geometric shapes.


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