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Tania Turner


Welcome to 7th/8th Grade RR Math & ELA

Tania Turner


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Daily Schedule

1st Period


Inclusion- T. Windham

2nd Period 8:45-9:35 Conference
3rd Period 9:40-10:30 Case Manager
4th Period 10:35-11:25 Inclusion- S. Kesterson
5th Period 11:25-12:00 Lunch
5th Period 12:05-12:55 RR Math 7/8
6th Period  1:00-1:50 RR ELAR 7/8
7th Period 1:55- 2:45 Jr. High Girls Athletics
8th Period 2:50-3:40 HS Girls Athletics
  • Tutoring/UIL practice Tuesday and Friday @ 7:30 am


Student Assignments

Supply List

  • Wide-ruled notebook paper
  • Folder- 2 pockets w/brads (one for ELA  & one for Math)
  • Pencils

Math- 7 Course Description

Students use concepts, algorithms, and properties of rational numbers to explore mathematical relationships and to describe increasingly complex situations. Students use concepts of proportionality to explore, develop, and communicate mathematical relationships, including number, geometry and measurement, and statistics and probability. Students use algebraic thinking to describe how a change in one quantity in a relationship results in a change in the other. Students connect verbal, numeric, graphic, and symbolic representations of relationships, including equations and inequalities. Students use geometric properties and relationships, as well as spatial reasoning, to model and analyze situations and solve problems. Students communicate information about geometric figures or situations by quantifying attributes, generalize procedures from measurement experiences, and use the procedures to solve problems. Students use appropriate statistics, representations of data, and reasoning to draw conclusions, evaluate arguments, and make recommendations. While the use of all types of technology is important, the emphasis on algebra readiness skills necessitates the implementation of graphing technology. 

ELA-7 Course Description

Students refine and build on previously learned knowledge and skills including both reading and writing, while focusing on critical thinking. Students construct multiple pieces of writing using graphic organizers and outlines, revise their writing (and their classmates’ papers through peer editing) based on their knowledge of sentence and paragraph construction, word choice, adding detail, and active verb choices. Students will use a variety of technology media to create and present different academic products such as power point, google slides and Prezi, among others. Students will also read a novel and create a digital portfolio housing the goals and the students’ accomplishments of the unit.

Math-8 (Pre-Algebra) Course Description

Pre-Algebra prepares students to enter the study of Algebra 1 (a high school credited course). Students will become familiar with the following: the properties of mathematics; the language of algebra; solving one step and two step equations; adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational numbers and integers; solving inequalities; graphing equations and inequalities; proportion; percent statistics and graphs; probability; applying algebra to geometry; measurement; and the study of polynomials.

ELA- 8 Course Description

Students refine and master previously learned knowledge and skills in increasingly complex presentations, reading selections, and writing. The course involves the study of terms and themes in various types of literature, such as poetry drama, short stories, nonfiction, and novels. Eighth grade students present written and oral reports, including presentations strengthened by visuals and media.

Boys/Girls Athletics Grade: 7/8

Students generally will compete against one another in intra-school activities; however, some opportunities may be available for team competition with students from other schools. Boys will learn the fundamental of football, basketball, and track; girls will participate in volleyball, basketball, and track; along with emphasis the five components of physical fitness. A physical is required. Free physicals will be offered by the district 8 in late spring. Passing grades of 70 or above in all classes must be maintained. 



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