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Linda Edwards


Welcome to 8th Grade ELA

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Daily Schedule



8th Grade ELA

1st Period 8:00-8:45 ELA 8-R
2nd Period 8:50-9:35 ELA 8 – R
3rd Period 9:40-10:25 Teaming
4th Period 10:30-11:15 Teaming
5th Period 11:20-12:05  
lunch 12:05-12:35 lunch
Dragon Time 12:40-1:15 Dragon Time
6th Period 1:20-2:05 ADV ELA 8
7th Period 2:10-2:55 ELA 8 – R
8th Period 3:00-3:45 Enriched ELA 8
  • Tutoring is on Tuesday mornings 7:30-7:55


Student Assignments

Regular ELA 8
Advanced ELA 8
Enriched Reading 8


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ELA 8 Course Description

Students refine and master previously learned knowledge and skills in increasingly complex presentations, reading selections, and writing. The course involves the study of terms and themes in various types of literature, such as poetry drama, short stories, nonfiction, and novels. Eighth grade students present written and oral reports, including presentations strengthened by visuals and media.


Advanced ELA 8 Course Description

Students will learn to read for the deeper meaning of a text. The class will focus on making connections between events, characters, and other elements of a story, as well as historical and cultural issues. Students will analyze literary and rhetorical elements.

Students will work to develop higher-level thought processes and improved writing. The STAAR test will be given and must be passed in this class, however not a lot of time will be spent on STAAR prep due to this being an advanced class. Students entering an advanced class need to be able to read independently, read with a deeper comprehension, and ask thought-provoking questions as they read. A summer reading project is a mandatory requirement for this class. 

 Dragon Time

This period is for tutoring, re-teaching, extra-help and homework. Students who need that extra instruction may choose to come to any of the Dragon Time teachers for help.



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