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RMS Future City Competition

Posted Date: 02/26/2018

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Beginning in October, a group of 6th graders in Mrs. Roberts’ STEAM class began working on their projects to compete in the Future City competition. The competition is for 6th - 8th graders, and the goal was to create a city 100 years in the future. They began by learning the infrastructure, layout and operations of a city using SimCity software. The students had to prepare a slide show showing what they learned and how they created a thriving, successful city. The next stage involved research. The students had a mentor engineer, Kayla Wood ( Redwater alumni) who worked with the students starting at this stage. The students researched information focused on the theme, "Issues the Elderly Face”. They had to research at least 2 issues and develop innovative solutions. The students then researched innovative infrastructures, such as water supply, waste management and transportation. The students began designing their city from the city’s beginning. They wrote and presented this information in an essay that was submitted to the competition. The last stage was to design and build a scale model of the cities. The goal was to use mostly recycled materials. Redwater took the city models and 3 presenters per city to the competition on January 27 at the University of Texas, Arlington. There, the presenters did a 7 minute presentation to 3-4 engineers. We are VERY proud of these students! They did extremely well for a first year 6th grade team. They are already showing a growth mindset and talking about what they will improve on for next year.


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