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Redwater Junior High Student of the Month

February 2018

 Markaylon Jones, a seventh grader at Redwater Junior High, has been selected as the Student of the Month for February 2018. Markaylon is an extremely polite and reserved young lady, who leads others by example. She has a very kind and giving spirit and is always willing to help others whether it is with school supplies, moral support, or organizing workspaces. Markaylon never requires any prompting from her teachers in order to seize opportunities to help others. Her quiet initiative speaks volumes of her exemplary character. The faculty and staff at Redwater Junior High are very pleased to recognize Markaylon Jones as the February 2018 Student of the Month.



Markaylon Jones


picA Life Changing Experience...

Students in Mrs. Linda Edwards’  8th grade GT/Advanced English Language Arts class recently went to the Dallas Holocaust Museum to heighten their knowledge and understanding of the plight and devastation of the Jewish people during World War II. Studying the memoir of Eli Wiesel’s Night,  students read the first-hand account of this victim as a 14 year old boy who spent two years under the heavy hand of the German SS concentration camp and encountered demoralizing and shattering experiences changing his life forever. While at the Museum, students saw and heard many quotes from the book they had read, firmly connecting the classroom with reality through first-hand accounts from other victims as well as viewing artifacts such as handmade slippers (shoes) made out of human hair and the Jewish Star patches the Jews had to sew on their clothes. Eighth grader, Cami Wilson, stated, “Hearing from the actual people made the information that we read about in Night much more real and personal.” Cami went on to say, “It was so disturbing to hear about the violence against children and families, carried out by people who went home to their own families who were safe and sound.” Classmate, Erika Roberts, said, “The visual of seeing so many people who were so painfully thin, and who had lost their lives, is something that I will never forget.  It makes me grateful for what I have.” The students stated that this was definitely a life changing experience for them.

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Markaylon Jones ~ February Student of the Month
Anthony Giambrone won a Samsung Tablet from entering a drawing at the LEAP Expo. Congratulations, Anthony!